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New Admins?

Plutosoccer and Werner are away. Must we make them not admins again? Dark Barbarian is an experience user disposición to help us. Must we make him Admin? Game mod, you are  also inactive for now. Do you still want to be Chat and Thread Moderator?

Discussion please

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Hey guys I am active in head soccer wiki and usually in that wiki but I don't do any edits and any comments

Ok, Werner and Pluto Removed. Game mod not. And I will think about Darkbabarian, may be I will do it if I need him.

I don't think he wants to get a higher rank.

I agree, but he is a nice User. Then, I dont think we'll really need him as an admin. I leave it just like a possibility.

Sorry the comment I wrote goes on the New Ranks!!! Thread....

Ok, I agree.

Hi Ecuadorsoccer and FS,

I feel very honored that you think about it, to promote me to an admin. But FS, you're right, I'm very busy at other wikias. And I think I wouldn't be a great help, because I don't understand anything of HeadSoccer. So I only could do technical stuff. And for the most of that I don't need this rank. :)

If you have questions, feel free to ask me and if I need administrative rights I will ask you. ;)

Best Regards, DarkBarbarian.pngBarbar (talk)

Yes I already thought that. You can help, but I agree you should not be an Admin.

Hi Barbar. And OK :)

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