This is the page for all your questions on editing. If you still need more help go and ask/search in the Community Central Forums.

Editing questionsEdit

Adding a pageEdit


Click the 'contribute' button at the top right hand corner of any page, and choose the 'add a page option', name your page and start editing it.

Editing a pageEdit

Click on the edit button on the page you want to edit and you will be able to make changes to the page.
*Note: some pages are protected by admins and cannot be edited. Also make sure that your edit helps the Wikia. Bad edits will be Undone by Admins and Moderators, so think about it.

Adding a photo/pictureEdit

Photo upload

Go to the edit button of the page you want to add the picture, and click the 'add a picture' icon and add one from your computer or mobile. Then, name you picture and put it on the page. Also can you place in Source Editor: [ [File:Name of Photo]].

Adding headingsEdit

To add headings, put your text between equal signs(=). The bigger number of equal signs you have, the smaller your heading is.

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